How it Works


Fax using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Send/Receive up to 200 pages a month
No contract: No hidden fees: No setup fees: Only $5.99 a month after free trial. Cancel anytime!
100% secure encrypted fax service.

Email Fax

Send fax through your email address. Receive incoming fax on your email as pdf attachment
Get email notificaion when a fax is delivered, received, or failed

Get a fax number

Free fax number included with monthly plan
choose between a local or a business toll free fax number.


Available fax number:


How to receive a fax

When someone send a fax to your fax number, you will receive the fax on your email address and on our website

How to send a fax with our app

Enter the fax number you want to send your fax to, select the document you want to send, and then click send fax

How to receive a fax on our app

Incoming fax will appear on your Fax Received Inbox. Click download to view incoming fax on your phone


How to send a fax using email

Attach a file as attachment, then address the email to a You will receive a delivery confirmation on your email

How to send a fax online

Fax can also be sent and receive on To send a fax, enter fax number, choose a file, and click send fax. To view received fax, click Fax Receive